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I’m Tasha Jones of Talk2tasha

My mission is to help you heal, chill,
& show up in your world.

Sis, be honest are you the one who helps everyone else and have ignored your needs? Kinda stressed and need a BREAK?

I provide an “Online Bestie” experience filled with lifestyle support, and upscale relaxation getaways for ladies in transition, ages 40+, to help you live  your life with added healing, FUN and peace.



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I’m a journal-hoarding, reformed people pleasing, city girl turned country who you can find skating down the street any weeknight.
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Girl, Boss Up Life Coaching Program

-8 week life coaching training program designed to help life changing women to get paid for doing what they naturally love; encouraging others.

You will learn the foundational principles geared towards solution focused coaching, starting your business, building your brand, and generating multiples streams of income using your lived experience(s).

– Ages 40+

Ask The "SOULcial" Worker

– I provide resourceful tips on how  women can ditch overwhelm, stress, and burn-out once and for all.

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