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I’m Tasha Jones of Talk2tasha

My mission is to help Social Workers heal, chill, & show up in their world.

Sis, be honest are you the one who helps everyone else and have ignored your needs? Are you trying to serve through the pandemic while juggling the chaos at your own house?  Stressed & burnt-out and simply need a BREAK?

EXHALE! As your Self Care Online Bestie, I got your back. I teach over-extended Social Workers (SW) and SW’s at heart how to STOP working themselves to death and start living their life like it’s GOLDEN.

Have Compassion Fatigue taken front seat of your life, right now?


I’m a journal-hoarding, reformed people pleasing, city girl turned country who you can find skating down the street any weeknight.
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Girl, Boss Up! Life Coaching Program

An 8-week life coaching training program designed to position Social Workers to get paid for doing what they naturally love; empowering others.

You will learn how to shift your mindset from Social Worker to Social Entrepreneur. Learn solution focused coaching techniques, starting your business 101, building your influence, and generating multiple streams of revenue so that you can finally pay off Sallie Mae while making greater world IMPACT.

Ask the "SOULcial" Worker

Comprehensively providing women some resourceful tips on how they can ditch overwhelm, stress, and burn-out once and for all.

Social Workers are you ready to LIVE BOLD?