God always tends to allow me to encounter some creative divine people no matter what situation I am in. I sat in the lobby waiting for processing in hospital to be admitted. The nurse began cracking jokes as she wheeled me to the back room. She made me smile for once today.

We somehow began chatting about the church shootings that took place in media the day prior both in Texas and Fresno. We agreed that the enemy want to detour people from gathering with one another but we no a greater God.

Without warning she leaned over and shared her testimony and how God cleaned her up 13 years ago off Meth. She was to loose her kids to CPS but she credit a ” caring social worker” who “gave me a 2nd chance.”

I was so moved by her eagerness in sharing her Jesus that I wanted to know more about where she fellowship at. She raced off to get her card and proclaim my healing and how’d she would pick me up for church. I so forgot of was in hospital but then again I was reminded how God is a healer in the sick room so He totally used this nurse to share her healing testimony to bless my life.

How About You: In your place of employment do you create opportunities to witness; sharing your testimony?