Day 2 in hospital checking if a heart blockage exist but so far looking good. As hospital demand admissions we patients are stocked piled in unusual pockets of non traditional rooms. Freaking urinated smelled bathroom but darn good cardiology clinic..guess gotta pick and choose battle.

But in my roommate situation comes a older gal named Dora. I hear her crying on phone with her daughter. She has stage 4 cancer in her kidney. She declared she’s gonna die soon. I interrupted her sorrow and she invited more in. Soon we found ourselves singing gospel hymns with our scratchy untalented voices lol but who cares. We went from sorrow to expecting a better tomorrow.

I didn’t know what her face looked like neither did she know mines. It didnt matter tho but our hearts sang and touched in the best rhythm. We talked and sang for hours before I finally got strength to wobble over and pull back her curtain. There was a older white lady, missing most her teeth yet she did not let that keep her from smiling so bright. She told me she won’t leave ” this place” until 15th then back to east coast she had to go back home to live with her unpleasant sister.

She’s undecided on chemo or not. I asked if together we could rest our worries for a moment and allow God to guide us. She agreed so we yelled out to nurse Tony to see if he had dominoes or playing cards but he didnt. I welcomed her to my view as my bed faced a nice window overlooking a garden flower filled gazebo. I told the nurse it was okay to pull back my curtain to allow Dora to share my same view. Much better than the cold stone wall with chipped paint that she was otherwise forced to look at.

Dora got so perky to the point she began flirting with nurse Tony and asking for a picture with him lol it was so amusing. She called out his name way too many times just to see his youthful face and hippy headband wrapped in a bandana that she seem to dig.

You a “horny old woman, Dora” I told her. She laughed so hard and owned up to her lust lmbo. So by now you can likely tell 2 sick people black and white connected in a way that our Faith took over and we had forgotten that we were in the hospital.

So much insight that we plotted how we could stay on this life time out much longer. Lol.

I believe we were healed this day. I believe God put us together to serve each other. I believe this time out had everything to do with my spiritual growth. I feel taller in the spiritual ram. Not sure of next direction but not sure that I even need to know.

How About You:

Do you find time to slow down to embrace unique convos of others? To listen to their stories and find out what is to be learned by it? What can or have u learned from it. Whose your Dora the Explorer?