I will never stop loving the movie “Friday” I mean they can make 1k versions and I will likely tune in. This image makes me laugh even when the world say I am suppose to cry. This entry about loosing and winning is inspired by the recent championship loss experienced by my kid and his team in Chicago, today. The were undefeated up until the championship game in which they lost by 1 point.

My kid, although totally groomed from day 1 that ” basketball is not his life’s work” and the fact that he is winner despite toe score board.. he was not trying to hear that today nor apply that which was embedded in him. All he could recall is that it was 2 seconds on the clock and that he missed the “winning shot” gosh how that tape just replays in his head.  So I back up recognizing with the loss being too fresh and new that he need his private processing time. Just me to listen at his hearts cry because I know on the inside he was in tears but his racing little mind was all about execution and to be better, do better and grab pizza on the go and get out to practice on somebodies court. It did not matter that he is on unfamiliar soil; he found resources to meet his demanding need to be on the courts. This response to the lost would hit all his team, simultaneously.

Wow how incredible I thought; one minute in utter distress and next minute problem solving; vowing to be greater next time. Even if next time on this soil will be a year from now; there is a sense that he will never be vulnerable to missing “winning shot” again. He recognized preparing now for the match up in a year; takes drive and commitment ahead of time. Not right before but months and months before. Up until the loss he admitted to getting “comfortable” in their undefeatedness ( if there is such a word LOL). But the point is he analyzed areas in which he could have improved without the coach having to insert his feedback, yet.

He is aware that he cannot win them all, on the scoreboard, at least but there is something he felt was in his control that he could have better prepared for. This area of revelation had so much to do with him, internally, then my well intended mommie validations. Right before my eyes I experienced my recently age 14 boy; reach a level of manhood in the sense of his own self awareness and problem solving.

This life long lesson; traveled afar was so much larger than a win on the scoreboard but was very much a internal awakening of what it truly means to be a winner within. Sure who doesn’t want the external WIN but more importantly to loss with grace, insight and dignity speaks volumes to ones character which classify one as a true winner within. You see if you declare and walk in authority knowing that despite life’s set backs; you are indeed still a WINNER; then you my friend can overcome most things in this highly competitive; off balanced world. You wont succumb to the worldly restrictions of self acclimations.

Much can be learned from this entry as to little guys; loosing and very much disappointed and saddened; they snapped out of it and got to work being better with a practice that was not even warranted.

Some adults have lost many things and I know some who still sit on their bed of affliction(s) and turmoil replaying their loss with know desire to try again. If you are reading this and find this to be true for you in replaying the divorce, job loss, the troubled childhood, the financial disasters, the family turmoils, what are you willing to do to get up and try again? Get back on the court(s) of life; suit up, ball up, box out, redefine the roadmap to success for your life because a rematch is always near. You cant compete if you still laying up reliving the heartache and losses of your life.

Wake up! the winner within awaits you; wont you go and get him or her! On a side note: the winning trophy stands inside of you; just in case you looking for it. It’s tall, sparkly and cute; I can see it; CAN You?

How About You: Are you open to learn from children as it relates to how they cope with loss or do you feel because you are all grown up that “you got this?” Are you trapped in your past loss(es) to the point you are immobilized? Jot down one thing you vow to do today to wake up the winner in YOU.