I’m an LA girl at heart, and multi-passionate mompreneur. I love seeing women  thrive in business, and youth excel in leadership, while helping them become who they’re called to be! 


A clinical social worker, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and social media inspirationalist who is passionate about helping career women live a well-balanced life free of compassion fatigue, burn-out and distress.

I founded a women’s business support group called BLING (Business Ladies International Networking Group) where I offer multi-generational mentorship and online business development strategies. I also created a youth entrepreneurship leadership 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, SPOT (Sharing Positive Opportunities with Teens) where mentorship is the primary focus. We help youth in business start-ups, academic support and leadership development.

I invested most of my adult life studying human suffering. I started my career in the field of Social Work after graduating from California State University, Fresno. I broke generational curses by becoming the first in my family to obtain both a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Social Work with an emphasis on Child Welfare.

My integrative experiences in demanding systems such as: child welfare, adoptions, and working in California Correctional facilities has fueled me to nurture the well-being of heart-centered professionals, through Talk2Tasha.

Talk2Tasha is the bridge that leads to
more choices, more time, more freedom, and added peace.
01 | I was born and raised in LA; then moved to central California. I am proud to say that I’m a city girl turned country!

02 | I am addicted to ice cream! Cookies and Cream to be exact: the Basket and Robbins version.

03 | My ideal vacation would include most places where I can unplug and write. I love writing short non-fictional stories.

04 | I’m a music junky – almost all genres is a part of my emotional vitamin regimen.

Are you ready for your breakthrough?