Ashley McGirt’s Bio

Ashley McGirt is a psychotherapist, international speaker, and author. Ashley has received a Masters of Social Work from the University of Washington. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Ashley has over ten years of extensive experience working with vulnerable populations. She has worked in prisons, medical and psychiatric hospitals, homeless shelters, schools, and long term care settings, where she served as the Director of Social Services.

Ashley currently works as a full-time hospice therapist and owns and operates her own private practice. In her private practice she focuses primarily on racial trauma, depression, and anxiety. Ashley was recently appointed as a board director for the International women’s resource network where she focuses on global wellness.

Ashley actively works toward de-stigmatizing mental illness, and reducing high rates of recidivism in American prisons. In an attempt to create a more socially just society for all Ashley offers presentations, workshops, group facilitation, and consultation specializing in crisis response, racial trauma, social justice and racial equity. Ashley strives to help others find happiness and healing within themselves through unpacking their baggage, resting, reflecting, and restoring themselves to be who they were intended to be on this earth.

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