There’s nothing mild about Black in fact living in this skin brings about it’s layers of attacks. I mean heart aches, frustrastions and position in SUCH at times it seems like so so MUCH.

My girl rolls up with her layers of brokenness and shortly after we feed off each other hitting the PUFF PUFF…talking smack about our lack of Trust. A bit paranoid becomes a bit much so we add a cup filled with toxic stuff. But oh it feels so good for the moment until I realize most of my pocket change is gone until next month…how Wrong.

I mean the day has long gone I forgot to fill out job applications because I was consumed today in my brokenness and short comings that I could not seem to concentrate on creating a log in or to tell them I’m coming.

Coming to interview faking normal because on inside I’m on fire this black ain’t mild but i crave more, need more, not trying to restore. Just need more hours to get money to feed this pain galore.

Misunderstood most of my young life, don’t value resources in front of me because I am blinded on the inside. Serving my pain is all I no, I ask my momma she say let’s just go to the stow(store). This how we deal in the world of smoke and drank but honestly on inside there’s no more I can take.

One day I run into a lady in grocery store who made me laugh again, she didn’t e en know me but how could I tell. She built me up tall and didn’t leave me Hanging. She shared her life testimony of how she’s no longer Banging. She told be about Jesus and how He died for me, I didn’t understand at first so she told me go Talk2T……now that is where I be..growing and loving on me, straight changing the trajectory!

Man I was once blind but now I can See! Talk2Tasha thanks for planting the seeds!

How About You: Tap into the pain hidden behind the smoke and the toxic drank that consumes your budget. Whats realky worrying and hurting you? Are you ready to face the fact thst your black aint mild but really wild and need to be healed? Don’t let the fruity flavors deceive you.