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Hey Sis! I see you.


You’re tired, worried, stressed, and not working… Waiting for your baby’s father to act right.  Mad at your man for not supporting your dreams. Your adult children are still living with you. They’re driving you up a wall, not helping you with the bills, got mess everywhere.  Yet they still depend on you for everything.

Bills are pilling up. Laundry still in the machine, because you forgot about it. Your mind is in ten thousand places at one time.

Your best friend is screening your calls.

Truth is they’re tired of hearing you complain. Tired of seeing you post the same  statuses on Facebook. Tired of knowing you’re just sitting there and not doing what you need to BOSS UP.

Stress increases your risk of


  • Tension Headaches and migraines. When you are stressed, your muscles tense up. Long-term tension can lead to headache, migraine, and general body aches and pains.
  • Depression and anxiety. Women were almost twice as likely to have symptoms of depression. Women are more likely , including post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Heart problems. High stress levels can raise your blood pressure and heart rate. It ca can cause serious health problems, such as stroke and heart attacks.

Time’s up!


Let’s get you from Bondage2Business.

We will go through an 8 week life coaching intensive program to work on areas of your life that need major improvements. 



With me as your Online Bestie, I will provide you with the foundation you need to find and fulfill your divine purpose. 


I believe in helping you invest in your building a better life and business. You will be partnered another sister who can support you. 


Relationship Advice
Goal Setting
Money Management
Time Management
Leadership Skills 

Mental Health Awareness
Access to Therapists
Consultations with Coaches
Healthy Habit Planning