You know that feeling when something “goes your way”, like getting a good spot in a crowded parking lot or discovering an item you really want on sale. It might be quick and fleeting, but what you probably feel is a brief moment of gratitude. “Thank you for this small victory!” 

Research shows that finding more opportunities to connect the things, moments, and people in your life with this grateful feeling can decrease stress, improve self-esteem, and overall make you a happier, more resilient person.

You don’t need grand gestures of appreciation to notice the benefits of this strength.

Make a point to thank your spouse for taking out the trash,  or give praise to your co-worker for their contribution on a team project. Think of that delicious lunch as something to be thankful for. Find gratitude in your health for simple things, like being able to run outside with your child, or having the strength to carry all of your groceries into the house in one trip. The key is to start noticing the small things, and instead of taking them for granted, giving them a moment of appreciation for making your life just a little bit sweeter. 

How About You: My quick challenge to you is to spend one week focusing on the little gifts in your life, then watch how those little gifts multiply and grow…




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