Today was a rather cool day. Something simple yet so profound that I had to jump online and let my paper grab taste of it. It’s about 110 degrees out in my city around 9pmish. Our AC is still broken as we have impatiently waited for some magical part to be shipped per the AC guy…urghhh 😦   Anyway I go out to the front yard to turn on good old fashioned water hose in an event to bring forth life to our dying once green grass. Splishy Splashy goes all the water but it felt so good in this heat. I jumped over a few puddles of water after a while as my shadow of a 3 year old grand girly whom I call my “KITTY” was enjoying the splashy with me—-fun fun stuff.

The water hose goes hay wire so I go to jumping like back when I played hop scotch, as a little girl. Never knew I could move so fast…You go girl! LOL My Kitty made is closer to the front door and motioned for me to join her. She acted as my guide to usher me to her side as if I needed her clear directives. I guess she figured this old lady must need help if she still has not figured out how to out smart this water hose to make it to safety LOL.

She kept with persistency encouraging me and found so much humor in watching me dodge the water. She finally exclaimed, ” COME ON GRANDMA-YOU CAN DO IT.”

I melted in the moment with so much AH and eventually ended up soak and wet. Suddenly this whole ordeal shifted my frustration with the AC being broken to a deeper heightened awareness. I will forever remember these words ” COME ON GRANDMA-YOU CAN DO IT.”

How bout Chew: In what ways have you be incredibly inspired by a little person? What did this experience teach you?