Cruise Away Drama: Bust Down Trauma Relaxation Getaway!

October 25th-28th 2019 | Baja, Mexico Carnival Cruise Line


When do you plan to put your interior life at the forefront & stop powering through past hurts & trauma? If you want to take care of you from the inside out then this trip is for you!!! 
Join an amazing group people who you will no doubt create lifetime bonds with while traveling along the coast of Mexico and healing trauma.
The Cruise Away Trauma, Bust Down Drama Relaxation Getaway is a luxury healing experience for individuals seeking to cultivate peace and serenity. Join us and bring a friend or two! 
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We’ll be porting from 231 Windsor Place, Long Beach, CA. 90802


$575 per person for an interior room.  

$675 per person for an oceanview room. 

***Rooms are based on DOUBLE occupancy***

Initial Deposit of $100 is due by 06/27/19.


The remaining balance of $475 for the interior room is due by 08/26/19.

The remaining balance of $575 for the oceanview room is due by 08/26/19.

Swag Bags and T-shirts are available for purchase as well! (See below.)

There’s Only Room for 50 Ladies!




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Amenities Included:

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  • Meals 

  • Nightlife 

  • Cruise Ticket 

  • Room & Board 

  • Exploration of Mexico

  • Bonding & Networking 

  • Power Packed Workshops 

  • and so much MORE!!!!! 

Meet Ashley McGirt, "The Black Millennial Therapist"

Our special guest that will help Talk2Tasha facilitate the workshops is a licensed mental health professional, MSW, LCSW.

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She has strategically crafted and designed these workshops with you in mind.  She will provide you with important tools to heal intergenerational trauma, skills to break free from trauma bonds (toxic relationships) and strategies to refresh your effectiveness and truly care for self!

(See Itinerary Below)

Cruise Down Trauma, Bust Down Drama Relaxation Getaway Itinerary

October 25th: Intention Luncheon

An opportunity to meet and connect with everyone on the cruise who is ready to cruise away their trauma. We will open with some fun “get to know you” icebreakers. 

To begin we will

  • Identify Trauma Sources
  • Develop tools to reconnect with the body, self, and others
  • Understand healthy vs disordered responses to trauma which may include patterns, related to sex, food, and finances.

Wear something that represents where you are from so we can represent all of the cities and states we all have traveled from.

October 26th: Unpacking Baggage Workshop

Geared to expose you to learning and understanding more about the development and impact of trauma and provide tools to unpack the baggage associated with intergenerational traumatic stressors.

Individuals will create a trauma genome and identify which trauma theme has been prevalent in their family as well as identify ways to break free generational curses.

October 27th: Breaking Free from Trauma Bonds

Designed to help participants free themselves and recover from, exploitive relationships, processes, and situations. You will learn 10 steps to recovering from a toxic trauma bond.

The goals of this intensive workshop are to:

  • Recognize, acknowledge and develop insights about situations, people and processes that are exploitive in nature.
  • Break through denial, identify signs that a betrayal bond exists, and grieve losses.
  • Explore the root causes of one’s involvement in relationships, situations and processes that are destructive to them.
  • Identify key elements that drive the cycle of abuse, betrayal of trust and power.
  • Learn about the psychodynamic and neurobiological concepts behind exploitive situations and relationships.

October 28th: Bonus- Wrap Up & Return Home



1. Where are we porting from? 231 Windsor Place, Long Beach, CA. 90802


2. Do I need a passport? No.


3. Are children allowed? No. 



4. Are payment options available? Yes.  



5. Will the initial deposit deadline be extended?  No. 



6. Is transportation provided to the port? No. 



***If you are flying in from Los Angeles, there is a “Fly Away” Shuttle that takes you from LAX airport to Long Beach available for $10.


***Rooms are based on DOUBLE occupancy.***




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