There is a increase number of folks not allowing their brains to rest at night. Instead of taking steps to force rest one instead fuels the brain to keep amped up, fed up, fuss up, worry up and then my next morning a person start madness again with the new Crack called Coffee.

I often wonder how life would be if many would UNPLUG from the what it’s in life and trust again, love again, long again for emotional connections. To be whole again and not settle for half. Half of a relationship, half parenting, partly communicating and half truths and what not.

Your body needs you to rest in order to recharge and refocus but it can’t if you remain intoxicated in chronic insomnia. Sweetie no need to worry or stress go back and release that which robs you of a good night’s rest. Go ahead you can do it. After all you come thru many hard times before.

How About You: Are you being good to your body and resting like you should? If not are you open to start today my releasing worry so that you may rest? Pinky promise to rest Up!