Omg On (11/27/18) in Cali there was an earthquake around 5am and then again during the lunch
hour. I felt the one at lunch; I was sitting in a car with a co-worker as we often sleep during lunch to rest
from our very long dreadful days. We commute from afar in an effort to obtain clinical hours. Talk about
a freaking sacrifice. We often laugh wondering if we can even last through all the madness just to
hopefully make it to our final destination. Our kids are quite amused by why we are going through all
the anguish to get licensed to take on people sad sob stories. Listening to their perspective made us
laugh so hard as we both looked at each other and asked ourselves the same darn question…what on
earth are we doing all this for. LOL

Ok back to this earthquake; folks were talking all about it, where did it originate from is the lingering
question floating around. Some asked if we were scared and if this facility had an evacuation plan but
no one is saying anything. There are no emails with directives on what to do in this situation. I mean
earthquakes can be quite dangerous and we have no idea if more will come because we have no cell or
computer access to get the latest scoop from CNN.

So we sit at the table of uncertainty with our lives in the hands of a corporation that seems to be
moving through a blind vision. We are caged on the same side of the barbed wired as our clients; all
equally confused, scared and clueless on what to do. How effective can we be in serving when fear fills the air? Panic is rampant, chaos is echoing down the long shackled yards, building shaking, windows cracking, coldness is the passcode to any break room and “ I don’t know” seem to be the new national anthem. The guards have weapons but do not know how to use them. They wear the garments like cute decorative costumes. Their walkie talkies are voiceless at this time and we all could use some clear leadership directives.

One thing for certain; I can say that this earthquake finally got both clients and professionals to connect
as the human souls should. There is where we recognize that many of our clients have knowledge on earthquakes and safety measures which surpasses many of us. In this moment we need one another in a space where many professionals would deny that a criminal knows more than them.

It is safe to say that earthquakes not only shake the foundation of the earth but it also unites opposing
parties and can bring uniformity among people that do not understand each other. Sometimes the
scariest moments in life propels people to unite in their fear to overcome in ways one never imagined.

Radical things are possible during an earthquake! You see in the end it’s not the earthquake itself that causes the fear but it’s being surrounded by heavy objects that can cause the most damage.

How About You: Consider a situation in which the foundation was pulled out from underneath you
(your personal earthquake, life storm). What did these moments teach you? What heavy weights in life
are you lugging around that brings fear and stress to your life? What would it take for you to kill off the
weights and embrace the earthquake as a stepping stone to freedom?