Driving home while thinking I mean in a deep thought about life and the mistakes and the expensive price paid when one grows impatient, desperate and lonely. Longing for someone you love to be set free when you alone remain in captivity.

Every hole in my body leaks and weeps and repeats over and over again to point of despair. Every ounce of my body draws weaker and weaker and I try to push past the pains continues to drain me. I mean I amaze myself at how I made is down the long aisle at the grocery store uncertain of I would make it out alive.

The weariness of the mistakes I have made checks out with me on aisle 5. I can’t seem to escape the madness in the mind that keep trying to REWIND…as I try to DECLINE the enemy plot to destroy me.

You see…He is after me in a 911 type of way and I feel it so deeply like even when I am to SLEEP,,,..He tries to CREEP…… but instead I WEEP and surrender to the Almighty that reminds me that I am NOT

My mistakes and poor judgements……..the HOLY SPIRIT raced down and HUGGED me in the midst of me THUGGIN trying to make sense of it all consumes me; as blood oozes outta my machine.

I am weak today to the point I stopped on the freeway..wanting to toss in the towel..but then, oh but then I looked on to the cloudy skies and there it was free and liberating when It was revealed to me ..Even Clouds cry.

No matter how high they may appear to be on top of the world, they too cry and when the drips of the tear drop the harvest is nourished and multiplied.

Yes Jesus thank God for the rain; no umbrella needed for this one; I desire to get soaked wet and suffocate in your word to the point it consumes me.

The battle in the head is real but the deliverance is ever so real. Today was the first day in a long time that I outcried the clouds… I won..

Victory is mine; victory is mine, victory today is mine; I told satan, get Yea behind…..VICTORY TODAY is mine ( my my how I love that song).