Today the new spreaded like a wild fire. Another professional walked off the job…this time not another vulnerable chic groomed by a manipulating inmate…this time there’s a bit of a twist to the story. You see inside this heated over populated woman lusting place of more than 1500 inmates convicted child molesters and serial rapist; it’s a norm that they somehow inevitably get a staff walked off the job because of poor boundaries. No consequences other than staff loose their job but not really because they can apply elsewhere per their union protected contract SMH….

What use to be normal in this world seems to fade daily and one fake it when normalcy shows itself.

Much like the cute professional staff that hid.behind brokenness and unresolve but managed to get through her book studies which later made her qualify to obtain such a prestigious job. I mean she’s deemed so educated that she was permitted to facilitate many psychoeducational groups such as Managing Anger, Substance Abuse Recovery, Parenting, etc…

Folks ignored the signs tho…minimizing her actions over periods of time, that which was not normal was watered down and ignored and a new sorta tolerance would prevail.

Until today her alcohol consumed body altered her driving ability on work grounds which drawed much attention to her vehicle that began driving eractic….how scary….officers found tons of alcohol in her car…..

There she was being hauled off like a criminal and no regard to her brokenness and of course her job is gone, benefits compromised and yet another professional bites the dust.

Such a tragedy that we have become a blind nation and masters of faking normal to the point of utter despair.

How About You: Have you been in a position to hold someone accountable, to approach them on their brokenness but somehow lack the guts to do so? How does this make you feel. Is faking normal visible in your life somehow? How might you address this behavior?