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Learn more about my approach, what I offer, and how my coaching services can benefit you.

What is Talk2Tasha?

Talk2Tasha act as a premier vehicle of transformation and renewal in our social work community.

You know how as a social worker you get super stressed, bogged down with cases, court deadlines and evolving changes in state regulations that typically add more paper work? Where that is where Talk2Tasha comes in to coach social workers on how to maintain sanity in a highly distressed work setting; teaching tools of empowerment so that you can enjoy your career and your personal family who are often recipients of your left over energy after a long day of work.

So in a nutshell we recognize that social workers need a freaking break; mind, body and soul. So Tasha show social workers how to say YES to their needs without guilt or shame! Period.

Is Talk2Tasha Coaching/Mentoring Services the same as therapy?

A common misconception is that coaching is the same as therapy, when in fact they are quite different. Therapy is intended to help people recover from emotional or other psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety. Coaching, on the other hand, is intended to help healthy individuals achieve personal goals such as increased happiness, improved work-life balance, improved relationships. Etc.

Talk2Tasha does not offer therapy services, at this time.

How does Talk2Tasha coaching/mentoring services work?

Simply complete an online request which include a questionnaire that allows us to assess your specific needs. Within 48 business hours you are contacted via your contact preference (phone, email, text, video chat) to assure we are a good match for your desired needs.

Once matched; a customized service agreement is made that outlines our joint agreements; team objectives and times we shall meet. Upon completion of your services; of course we celebrate you in a way that brings you the greatest JOY! ( Yes I am big on celebrating your victories, so brace yourself)!

Service goodies often includes:
– Scheduled one-on-one coaching sessions,
– Email and text messaging support,
– Between-session “homework”,
– In-promptu calls as needed,
– Assessments and debriefings
– Online tools such as journaling, goal tracking, or accountability software
– In Agency Team Building, Self-Care interactive Trainings are available

What are some of the benefits and tools can I expect with Talk2Tasha?

  • learning to say NO without guilt
  • decrease stress and life/work burn out
  • build confidence
  • find a career that you love
  • get clear on your goals
  • stay accountable to your goals
  • do more of the activities that engage you
  • form better relationships
  • have more meaning in your life
  • develop your purpose
  • leadership skills building for supervisors and administrators
  • work on the things that you are passionate about
  • feel happier

How many sessions are required?

You can get some value from a single coaching session but the real benefit of hiring Talk2Tasha as your bestie coach is experienced through an on-going relationship aimed at achieving your goals.

However long it takes to support you; we will be here as a driving force to assure that you reach your personal and career goals, uncomplicated.

How do I receive services if I don’t live in your area?

I recognize social workers live all over the place(yeah team)! For this reason private online group and individual  coaching services are offered. If you desire a good old fashion phone call; yes I am old school and make phone calls as well.

Agencies who desire on sight training(s) can be accommodated with customized servicing. Great outcomes reported in the work setting with routine “Unplug-Time Out Self Care Series.”

I am burnt out in my profession but I am not sure what else I can do with my degree and skills; I feel trapped, can you help?

Talk2Tasha specializes in career exploration with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Services will be guided to high light your passions, strengths and a timeline of your “next career move” can be crafted.

Who is Tasha?

Tis a former child welfare social worker who worked insanely long hours, stressed to the max, all while going to night class to graduate school only to later promote up with more demanding cases with little to minimal pay. A chronic care bear, lover of people so much so that I often neglected my own needs, Chaos at my own home and just had absolutely no consistent support in my life that could understand my call to serve people. On a night out with friends expressing my creative life chaos; they would simply say, “ just quit the darn job.” Quitting was not an easy option and in fact was not thee solution.

After a series of personal life tragedies, while lying in a hospital bed with my body consumed with burn out, stress and compassion fatigued it came to me that I needed to UNPLUG and take a LIFE TIME to take a close internal assessment of my complicated living pathologies. Many barriers because I struggled with setting boundaries both personally and professionally; for this combined reason I knew that quitting my job would not solve the boundary issue in my personal life.

So I went to work for my internal healing, peace and revisited things I enjoyed like skating. I fell a few times, laughed really hard and a light bulb went off that I had to invite my other loving social work care bears to UNPLUG and live uncomplicated as well. This was the beginning of creating awesome breakthroughs in the distressed culture of social work. Getting social workers that fall, helping them up to smile again my friend is my life work! My most rewarding and effective empowerment work, to date.

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