Hey Mr. DJ..I no I no you thinking I am calling out that fella over there with the slapping music. Something that will get you grooving to your 2 step..Hey now I feel you; it sounds good to slap yet another song that you can vibe to, grove to and oh yes MOVE to.    ***** Hold On let’s switch the tape; you see this DJ don’t have the answer for you. Hey YOU, Mr. clean cut DJ* I am talking to you from the lens of that disappointed son who look into the crowded basketball gym who only see his friends daddy but you seem to be missing in action. No clue as to the groove he get down too; how he vibes so hard on the court; hoping one day to hear your loud cheering, claps and high fives. His eyes are drowning in tears each time Fathers Day role around because he is yet reminded of how you are still missing in action. My goodness Mr. DJ Oh Mr DEADBEAT Jonathan, Jason, Jerome, Jeremy, Justin..yeah you however you want to slice it you got some apologizing to do. Some DO OVERS to do…. yeah I know it’s hard BUT it’s worth it.  Your kid need you; not your gifts, child support and occasional phone calls or text (if any) but he/she needs ALL of you. No strings has to be attached to mom BUT come on MAN is what I wanna call you but for now I gotta refer to you like you show up in the vision of your baby boy and baby girl. Right now bro you looking more and more like a DEADBEAT JEROME! SO not fair 😦 You see Make A Wish is A wonderful Foundation that goes throughout the country granting kids best wish as they go through some terminal illness. The organization is great, in fact awesome but they don’t recognize the sickness the fatherless child has inflicted upon him/her so your kid won’t qualify. BUMMER 😦 But how magical it is that you hold the KEY to WISHES front door if you can put away your fears and selfish ways and allow your heartbeat to groove to the rhythm of your child(ren) souls request.

You see as the storyteller of this REAL LIFE narrative; this is real to me. I work with many of your children. My heart aches at the request of your son and daughters who asked me if I could help them locate “my missing daddy.”  It’s a true story that a little boy once asked me if I could help him call 911. I asked why and he replied, ” So they can help me find my daddy, he is missing.” I heard this several years ago and here is it 2017 and it still shakes my core for the plea of these babies who we all know, did not ask to be here.

Hey Mr. DJ can you hear the plea? Inside you cannot be whole if you have any soul left inside of you. You must wonder how the kids are doing, being and growing? You must know their emotional growth is compromised based on your belling out on them. Oh Mr. DJ I can here you say ” well I try but I have no job and my baby momma does xyz (and the classic) their momma wont let me see the kids.”

Hey knock it off Mr. Strong, Intelligent MAN- see I am trying to remain respectful still because the optimism in me tells me that you will take action after allowing these words plea to minister to the depths of your soul. You should no in the many years I have worked with kids they never made YOU about having a big time job but more so they cry for a BIG TIME YOU..showing up consistently, caring, knowing their teachers, having pillow fights and farting on each other..you know the good old fashion stuff before the nation got the craze of ” I am way to busy, way too tired to keep dealing with their momma drama.”

Mr. DJ can we play a new song; something you and those babies can groove to and recreate a new norm for the family? Can we crank up the bass and sounds of the heart that heals on both sides?

How Bout Chew: Are you open and willing to take the first steps to make things right with your kid(s), to heal, apologize and have the necessary conversations needed to move forward to be better for you and the kid who likely desperately misses you. Sure baby momma maybe in the way but when have you NOT been able to handle conflict? You got this if your heart is ready. I can assure you your kiddo is anxiously hopeful for you to SHOW UP. Oh btw they talk highly of  you (behind your back) the one time you did show up; they talk about it as if it was yesterday. YOU MATTER! KIDS MATTER! MAKE their WISH a reality!

            Continue to be a DJ=DEADBEAT or become DEAD READY to make it right.

                                                              ..Right Right now!

PS: How about I offer up as a free support consultation to you to help you navigate through this courageous first step. I am a experienced child advocate and family mediator and therefore would be delighted to move you through the process. The first few who email me I will offer services up for free. My email is talk2tasha@yahoo.com  Put in Subject Line: Daddy Coming Back

                                                      Happy Healing for this Fathers DAY!

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