Today was a day I was admitted to the hospital due to chest pain. Likely pained for having loved soo strong to the point of exhaustion. My heart participating in goofy flutters that has me feeling sorta uneasy.

As I wait long hours for a hospital room to become available I decided to pull out my cell phone to play on Periscope. A youngman was the only one on with me and some how magic divine connection took place.

He shared his worries and pain points in life and I shared things I have gone through; injecting tools of wisdom and bounce back. Turns out he’s the same age as my own son and related on his emotions of anger after being shot and now paralyzed. Altho he do not realize it, he’s  incredibly strong, bright and courageous. I am so proud to see how technology allows a space for baby steps in healing. Soon after I forgot how I was in the hospital with heart issues. I think this periscope kid who I now call Nephew G somehow touched my heart in ways he may never know. I so believe in his Destiny that will allow him to roll outta his home in Pennsylvania and live again.

This post is for you G….Rise up and live, you are blessed and highly favored..give yourself a chance to experience love, experience life in ways that will amaze you!

Your Online Bestie Auntie


How About You: Have you ever looked over your life to ponder how amazing you are for having survived such ugly childhood challenges? Or do you prefer to be a storyteller of your brokenness?