I remember back in the day when folks needed to “pull it together” it was customary to tell them thee truth because, out of love, you sure didn’t want the homie to die to the game of ignorance.

There has been a tragic shift where LIES are some how esteemed because we are in the business of telling people what they want to hear. Truth or Lie and we still choose the lies as to not “hurt their feelings.”  Since when has HURT; hurt anybody in the name of TRUTH? I am just curious about the need of Lies we tell ourselves and others all in the name of avoidance. Avoiding hurting the feelings of others neglecting the mere fact that a LIE cuts deep and hurts the most. So why then does one solicit the advice of others asking  “tell me the TRUTH” which implies that in general most folks LIE…SMH. So most folks ask the target audience that they know will LIE to them to get their since of validation and justification.

Oh my how to complicate things. And to those that screams ” I just don’t Do drama” why the need to put that out there verbally; show up ‘drama free’ that speaks more profoundly. Oh but I forgot we have not learned to be quiet at times because our speaking out loud have drowned out maturity.

It’s a cold game tho because the homie see you drowning but wont tell the friend because drowning is how your network get down. SMH  So the person praying for the money break thru- yet living all on top of your means because impatience incapacitates you- I’m that homie love a friend today to tell you “CUT IT.” To the person convinced you gonna change that woman or man all in the name of ” I just want a family” you need to CUT IT. To the brother who said he was a man however not showing up in the lives of your kids because you blame the mom for not “letting you see them” you need to ‘CUT IT’ as you and your J’s march down to family court services and initiate that good custody visitation order and stop the XCUSES.

To the corporate workaholic who got it going on in the eyes of most because you have that ” long income” that many would kill for but many don’t know you really LONG for connection that remains missing in action. Soooo hiding behind the job title brings you identity… ( you are having a identity crisis..its okay to tell ur truth) I GET TO BE YOUR HOMIE LOVE A FRIEND CHIC today so I invite you to take a vacay, back away from the office and get busy in action on the real deal, real hurts and balance that and unpack that which haunts you. That there my friend is where the LONG LONG money lies!

Homie Loves a Friend need to be upfront to the mother who has no patience with her kids cause she is living on egg shells, all anxiety driven to the point her lil weed does not calm her. All in the name of “medical marijuana” craze to calm people nerves; your nerves remain outta pocket 10 joints later..so now what. Do not your Jr. and Nene deserves better. I mean some have the nerves tho to name their kids names that conflicts with their lifestyles. For example: Miracle, Precious, Angel, etc all a likely well intended start but if we tell the truth about the parenting crisis we are choosing to raise a gangsta fly guy; saturated in your INDO smoke all in the name of ” so I can handle these dam kids.” So why you names her Miracle when you raising her to live in HELL. Oh then you named him Angel but really his name should be DEVIL based on what you poured into him this far. He can’t read or write but knows LiL Wayne and Drake songs like no other. Oh and Precious altho she is cute or whatever but aint nothing Precious about you exposing her to the new boyfriend of the month who by the way you allow her to call them daddy SMH.

This is is your PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: the HOMIE LOVE A FRIEND CHIC…..here to remind you that


At times ………Your Trash Talking Talk2Tasha bringing it raw as it need to be for the sake for world HEALING!

 Now do the Hookey Pokey and turn urself Around because that’s what its ALL about!