As the world prepared to go on a happy craze for Mothers Day my anxiety only increased as I was reminded of how this day is not so Happy. In fact it is Crappy.

You open fresh roses and SUCH and I am reminded how this day SUCKS.

I have been longing for my mother’s emotional TOUCH but she does not know how cause her life has been TUCKED

In despair causing her to be chained down to her BED.

The child in me blame my inadequacies for the torment that is inside of her HEAD;

My face filled with tears, down through the YEARS missing a mother that is just not HERE.

Man the sound of depression demonic voices that tries to ATTACH;

to my family is worser than CRACK.

She can’t seem to pull herself out of a pit so

I am reminded of Mothers Day that feels like $hit.

This is the reason WHY Instead of faking to be happy for Mother’s Day; I JUST CRY