Have you ever raced home after work, bags in hand, maybe with a urgent need to pee like crazy? You find house super dark as if electricity was cut off and you become numb questioning if you’ve perhaps forgotten to pay the bill. Racing up sidewalk dodging lizards and frogs yikes but with great anticipation you figured jumping through all the hurdles is worth the idea to enter your warm home quarters to kick off the shoes and begin to unwind.

Then without expecting you find that the door is locked, you have no key to the very place you go to that horrid job to pay; to stay on the other side of this very locked door. You in great panic, ring door bell like a crazy woman. The more you ring the more urgent your pee.

For just a moment think about the possibility that a key to get inside will never exist. You can be forever locked out, having to pee in the cold wilderness, with bags in hand. The warmth on the inside is not an option. No one will ever answer the door bell because there’s no one on the inside. In that instance of heightened fright where might one go?

Go to that very space that comes to mind….there lies your space of humility and Healing?

How About You: Are you locked out? Perhaps living with expectancy that the next person will unlock a inaccessible door? What are you doing to be the master locksmith of your own key?