Have you ever just sat back and watched the utter chaos that mass marketing brings and the impact it has on the human species? It is amazing to witness the person who claims to be broke to miraculously have resources to tap into the endless sales that are parading across social media and TV. To succumb to the urgency of consumption is somehow a norm that is passing down to many generations. I was chatting with a cousin about this very thing as she sparked curiosity about why people have an annual need to buy flat screen TV’s each year. She jokingly asked, “ like where did the TVs go from last year.” It’s almost like a tradition for some to stockpile the very same things up,
year after year, because after all we don’t want to miss the good ol’ sales, right?

As I was thinking about the state of human beings and our right now need to become a healed nation; I
thought what if people took their gift of mental wellness to replenish ourselves year after year. What if
we buy into more meaningful goods that would feed our starving souls? How might that look on a Black
Freaking Friday and an Insanely Busy Cyber Monday? Would the emotional spending decrease alongside
your stress levels? This is something to consider because if we can be honest with ourselves; this is the
reason many repurchase things over and over again because it comes with a temporary fix of “feel

Folks desire to feel good in the moment with little regard to the planning of a long-term lifestyle of
feeling good. If you don’t believe me watch the kids on Christmas and carefully observe how the
excitement of opening up their packages sparks them in the moment. Immediately following, their
excitement diminishes; the surprises are over and the items get drowned in with their old toys. In fact,
some kids go for the pots and pans under the cabinets and totally abandon their goodies that you stood
in the long Black Friday lines for (rolling my eyes LOL). Don’t let your nieces and nephews stop by with
their toys; you find your kid crying their eyes out longing for the gifts of their relatives, totally
disregarding their own goodies that you slaved for.

Sound oh so familiar right and you maybe nodding your heads in agreement. To take this a bit further
compare your response to the world of consumption of non-essentials. Are you a bit different in your thinking from a child or have you grown to know your value is far greater than jumping spontaneously through life from sale to sale, man to man, job to job, car to car, drama to drama…well you get the point. Don’t mean to hit below the belt in contrasting behaviors of that of a child however sometimes having it shared in this matter hopefully helps ignite your thinking around what keeps you in bondage.

What keeps you going in the same circle getting the same unwanted results. Are you allowing mass media to drive your life, your prayers even, your money moves and so forth?

I invite you to take a look in your internal shopping cart and invest in things of substance that will set your soul on fire; something that will last you for many years to come. Something that you can be proud to pass along for many years to come. You won’t need a sale to make moves when you see the value in eating rich and plentiful in every domain of your life.

How About You: Do you find yourself buying into the psychology of mass marketing and making life
moves based on untamed emotions? What items of true substance are you proud to say that you will
invest in for yourself this year. Remember spending and investing are not married to one another.

Be Wise = Be Well