I arrived home from church full of a fresh word that challenged us to stop complaining and start praising. Having a 20/20 Vision seeing things as God views them. So rich and moving the word was for me.

The opposite was true for those in my neighborhood as I drove up seeing the streets filled with anxious people pacing the streets, uttering something about the power being out in the entire neighborhood..Folks smoke alarms were loudly whistling throughout..those in my house who refused to get up for church instead desiring to sleep in; the Lord designed a way to sound the trumpet in which all were disturbed in their sleeping.

You see with no power.people began to realize such inconvenices such as the A.C. units won’t work and btw it’s 109 degrees today ouch. One neighbor complained how all the lights in house is out when u have no power, the oven to cook is out, clocks are out, internet connections are down..boyee talk about state of emergency in this day and age.

The point is if you lack power your connection to all other domains in life are negative impacted..No power!

I rolled up with the power of God flowing through my spirit so I was not in a state of panic as those around me. It’s not that I’m anything special but then again I guess I am in that I recognize my power source is the Lord and the way I keep power is to connect to the source on a consistent basis.

How About You: Who and what is your power source? What do you stay connected to the most? Tell the truth; it’s between you and God and quite frankly He already knows.