This post is inspired by my efforts to have a candid convo today out by the pool. The idea was to “dive deep” on some issues around stepping out on faith, work life balance and all the goo convo’s we often have. You must know I am a lover of people thriving and being their best so just talking wont jive with me..I am a solution focused, okay what were gonna do now kind of chic.

So I made a cute flyer with great intentions to move on the subject matter however life changed in a instant as if often does. My great niece whose 5yrs old (cute as a button) decided to dive in the deep end of the pool without having her floaties on. Boyee talk about a heart attacking me and her mom went into a great state of panic. Shortly after she skips out, get her floaties strapped on and off back in the pool she goes. Meanwhile her mom and I still in the aftermath of it all for, at most, a still fearful 20 minutes. Oh my goodness just reliving it through typing has me anxious. Okay so you know life if full of “BLAHS to AHA’s” here is what later came to me;

¤If you divine into things ill equipped be prepared for a disaster.

¤When a disaster hit you have the power to get up and equip up your floaties and try it again(inspired by a 5yr old fearless kid..shout OUT to her).

So what the flyer was posted with one intention, a greater intention presented it self without your permission. Know that it can be divine and no accident. So get over yourself for you control driven freaks out there that would have drowned in all the twists and turns. Who the midst of it all child was saved. The bigger picture is always HIGH Def for clarity purposes.

How Bout’ Chew: Care Bears out there how do you respond when unexpected changes comes and changes your program? Do you panic? Regroup? Surrender? Complain about that which you have no control over missing the point that something bigger was rescued, changed or restored? Do you get back up when a near drowning experience visit your personal life or a crazy case at the office?

Dive Deep; PEACE awaits you!


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“Mover of Information for Ur Restoration”