Missing my babies i never met. This place gives me triggers…how can I forget. She smiles on outside but deep inside she’s pained angry raging inside..trying to keep it together on this HELL of a ride. I doubt the confirmations that seems so true but on the other side of doubt…fear lives there too.

My energy is low and there seems to be no blood flow. my IV dripping this red substance…yo! Wait hold up how could this be..the sweet care bear that gives unto thee…

Oweee this pain on the inside, looking out the window into the piercing sunshine.Trying my best to be free but I must call into blue eyed master who is also a Queen B. Gotta tell her the machine is outta INk…

So I really don’t THINK that i can go inside the CAGE…For now I believe it is best to be home to heal from this RAGE!

Across the room lies a young soul weeping in pain…He to is hooked up on IV …man what a darn shame…. It’s a shame we busy being busy that we forget to LIVE instead we fight against our bodies that hungers for us to be STILL.

Man you got my attention… my STILL….is for REAL so here I sit at your feet surrendered to HEAL and CHILL.

Your Kid,