Awww, what a blessing you are to choose a career where you spend all your time at work nurturing, counseling, teaching, protecting and otherwise serving others. Now, while I appreciate your compassion for others, I gotta ask:

Who’s taking care of you and tending to your mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing?

Resource Queen – ASK TASHA | (20 minutes @ $19.99)

Do you need to tie up some loose ends to handle some personal matter and/or business? Tired of spending hours searching uncle GOOGLE but instead prefer to pick Tasha’s resource purse for some real live Resources? Because you deserve to be linked quickly oppose to delaying your next move. Ask up to 2 questions of resources you might need and let ME go to work for you. Giving you the best the I’ve got ( In my Anita baker voice) LOL THIS IS A TEXT OR EMAIL

Discover Your Life Purpose in 2022 | $75

The Clarity Session is for individuals who are looking for guidance on career expansion, and personal development.Are you going through the motions of life wit know clear direction and/or purpose. Let me guide you on the path that you deserve.

EXHALE SESSION! | (30 minutes @ $47.00)

This call is designed for the women on the go that is going through life right now and need a supportive person to guide her in areas of financial mess, relationship drama, feeling lonely during holidays, is misunderstood by family and friends. She is tired of being tired and need a safe place to VENT, talk smack and relax. Leaving the call with added peace and clarity in her Life*
(This is NOT therapy BUT a coaching support call).

SOULcial Worker BO$$ MASTERMIND Consultation | (1 hour 30 minutes @ $150.00)

This VIP consult provide SOULcial Worker professionals with business strategy concepts including how to monetize intellectual property. Learn how to get paid top dollar for doing what you love to do….serving others. We map out your mission, target audience and basic free to low cost tools to jump start your business.

Ask The “SoulCial” Worker | starts at $99**

This is a safe space for Social Workers to burn her super woman cape and be real about how she need to be supported. This  private break through call with me  requires that you show unmasked as a professional; simply be you, no more hiding behind your own struggles or feeling guilty about putting YOU first.  Whether you need bestie support in your relationships, career, spirituality, finances or just a non-judgmental listening ear; I got your back. If you are dragging yourself to work bearing a fake smile but internally weighted down by increased life demands; this call will help you GET BACK TO YOU!
You will NOT get off this call until we have crafted out at least one (1) solution to help you move forward in living out your dreams;one goal at a time.  (THIS SERVICE IS NOT IN ANY WAY THERAPY BUT COACHING)**

Mentor Me | FREE CALL

This is for you if you have long been looking for someone who can guide you to success and a life where you show up for yourself! If you are constantly feeling like you’re burnt out and want to venture on your own startup coaching business as online savvy social worker entrepreneur. This call is to help you explore your goals and to determine if our hands on mentorship program is a mutual fit to assure you reach your wildest dreams.


“Tasha reminded me that my purpose is bigger than my age.”

“I am a 77-year-old female who has served in the helps ministry for many years. But after becoming ill, I felt as though I’d lost my passion and purpose. After attending Talk2Tasha’s power-packed Growth Shop, I left with clarity and I was once again on fire to serve like never before! My age will no longer stop me from doing what I love. Thank you, Tasha, for reminding me that my purpose is bigger than my age and that God is not done with me yet!”
– Mrs. B Mabry (Fresno, CA)

“I drove three hours to attend one of her workshops, and I was in tears.”

“I am a single mother of five children. I’ve battled with burn-out and distress since the death of my mother, whom I felt left me with demanding orders to care for my adult siblings. Hungry for a way out, I found Talk2Tasha’s online blogs, YouTube videos and Facebook live chats to be extremely helpful. I drove three hours to attend one of her workshops, and I was in tears. It felt like she personally knew my life story. She gave me action steps to reclaim my life and set boundaries within my family. For once in a long time, I feel proud to be a strong mom with much in store. After leaving Talk2Tasha’s mentoring services, I define myself so much greater than I gave myself credit for in the past! I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to reclaim their life outside of always helping everyone else, but never taking care of yourself.”

– Nashira W. (San Francisco, CA)

“She helped me take back control of my life, set boundaries and revisit my career paths.”

“As a social worker, I worked many years caring for others in the midst of losing myself. I was suffering in silence, and even depressed at times, after seeing so many abused children come across my desk. Meanwhile, my own children had struggles that looked like my clients’. I could not take the stress anymore, but I tolerated a lot in order to pay bills. I found Talk2Tasha online and used her free online bestie tools. We developed a great business relationship. She helped me take back control of my life, set boundaries and revisit my career paths. I was able to explore a less stressful job while still doing the social work that I love. The less stressful job allowed me to balance my home life and career. Now my children’s behavior at home has improved tremendously!”
– Laura M. (Porterville, CA)


Meeting Tasha was a blessing at a time when the world was demanding that I slow down. As a professional in the field of Social Services wanting to help people in my own way was something that I could not get on my own. Tasha walked me through “Girl Boss Up!” And showed me practical ways to access my market without losing sight of my first priority which is my family. Since working with Tasha, I have been blessed with contract work and have taken the dream of earning my Ph.D.
– T. White (Fresno, CA)

Many don’t know what it’s like to walk a mile in the shoes of a helping professional. Fortunately for them, they don’t have to— I’ve already walked several in those same shoes. With services crafted and tailored by individuals who face the same barriers and roadblocks daily, Talk2Tasha is the #1 power source for helping professionals—helping others become fuller versions of themselves!