• Got Demanding Mama Duties?
  • Spouse Working Your Nerves?
  • Feel Like Giving Up?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Burnt out?

Put Burnout on Time Out …

Let’s be honest … you’re not exactly living your BEST life right about now.


Yes, you’ve snagged that “mama-I-made-it” career with a title that draws oohs and ahhs from your inner circle, but real talk … you’re tired, sis.

And right about now, you’re stuck swirling in a Tsunami of exhaustion, anxiety and despair and you have no idea how to escape it.

Now, here’s what I want you to know: You’re NOT alone.

You see, when you’re overworked and stressed out from a seemingly never-ending to-do-list, no amount of money, fancy job titles or success will make you happy. Real talk … the only way you can enjoy life again is by taking time to refill your cup and prioritize YOU.

You gotta put you first, sis and inside The Lounge, you’ll have a community of sisters to support you in doing that.

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Membership Benefits

  • Enjoy a safe space to vent, share experiences and learn from others who know the difficulties of juggling a high-demand career with your beloved family.

  •  Set your superwoman cape on fire and get step-by-step guidance on how to prioritize your own desires and needs so your spiritual cup stays full.

  • Smack your internal “reset” button so you can finally purge the burdens you’re carrying for everybody else while you step into your BEST life.

  •  Learn from and surround yourself with like-minded women who will motivate you to embrace a life filled with emotional, financial and spiritual wealth.

Meet Your Bestie Coach 

Tasha Jones, MSW

I’m all about helping you heal and chill! I’m a humanitarian, entrepreneur, and social media inspirationalist who is passionate about helping busy, professional women live a well-balanced life, free of compassion fatigue, burn-out, and distress.