Day 2 Hospital Stay

I was awaken by a cardiologist dude who wheeled me down long hallways to our destination where a treadmill awaited me. As he gave instructions of how I needed to hold into the rails without letting go, my mind wandered a bit. I thought how I too should hold on to God without ever letting go. The danger of letting go he said can make me fall off and at worst hit the wall causing my great bodily harm.

He reminded me that this test was not a race or gym competition but merely a self paced race to monitor my hearts ability. I smile towards the heavens soaking all this in as a profound message from the almighty.

He shared more and more about his life of headache again after 18years of marriage his wife left him. He said he went to get counseling to cope with the loss. At first I’m like here we go again, folks sharing the it life with me, so open. I’m here for a freaking stress test, no time for social working. :() im like for sure my stress test will show stress having taken on the 3rd story of a staff.

Well in the midst of him sharing his loss, he shared after 3 years he found a new lovely wife. Both of them are Jehovah Witness. He credits his parents for giving then godly counsel through it all. He added how his son acted out in ways unpleasing to him but eventually his son got stable and now living in LA near his mom.

So I go in for my stress test and hear heart felt stressors and victories of helping professionals. There’s no way my heart vessels are blocked based on the work God has for me to do. No no I won’t slow down to meet the expected needs of others through their distorted lens. I will keep doing what I love…

Listening to the heart of others, at times without injecting any replies back..awe how sweet the sound.

How About You: What test have you’ve gotten under the Stress? What has this taught you? Can you love again after your pain?