Every time I think about sugar and spice it’s suppose to end with “everything nice.” But nothing is nice about addiction to sugar galore to the point I find myself driving through Starbucks to order up their darn good coffee cake. If the cashier looks at me too strange for not ordering coffee; I buckle down and add a frap; Just to ease the sales pressure.

Something about Sugar, so simply pure and sweet. It soothes a space in my aches that no man will ever under stand. That achy part of life no one really knows about. No one cares to know because afterall you are deemed the strong one, the successful one and sorta go getter one. But deep.down inside grief resides deep within. Sugar and Spice indeed nothing nice.

The life aches come from applying a false expectation that sugar and spice and everything nice is suppose to serve me up in such a better way. Distorted thinking I know but you see that suga and sprinkle of spice makes it all good for the moment, at least.

I’m going after all things good now and not the temporarary tricks and treats that lure me into chronic sugar cravings.. In the end my soul is thirsting for some sweet internal restoration fellowship and clarity cause the fog of life hits real thick without a foggy day schedule.

With God as my compass..Im on my way out this superficial sugar factory and surely about to partake in the true spice in life.

Diving In Deep!


How About You: Can you relate to feeding a life ache with something superficial to feed pain? Are you ready to spit out the sugar fix and dive deep to the root?