I know they said Sunday is suppose to be a FUNDAY but to the hard working, fatigued striken, unbalanced average human being; Sunday is merely a reminder of how darn fast the weekend flew by with unmet tasks. The most dreadful day to be reminded that you are to meet up with more unmet task on your desk tomorrow in that hot office. Full of HOT mess and chaos; break room massacres and coffee crackheads who find entertainment in tongue assassination(heck I forgot how to spell it but you get the point).

So oh yeah you see how quickly the mind goes deep into Monday’s Madness that you fail to embrace today’s being; NOT doing but being? Do me a favor and press rewind; unclog that over active brain and sort out what would have been your ideal weekend. Hopefully you’re not at a point that even “chillaxin” requires a date in your outlook calendar. Ok are you done looking back on what zapped most of your time and energy this weekend? Okay I know, I know you are still writing; I’LL WAIT.

…….Ok I waited long enough so did you surprise yourself? Process how things could have been different and perhaps add to allowing SUNDAY to be your FUNDAY. Another consideration I have discovered over the years is that how folks spend their time is often a direct pattern of how they spend their money. Do some checks and balances on that and see if that holds true for you.

Vow to redo next weekend a lil different that perhaps may serve you in a better way. Getting to SUNDAY being a FUNDAY may take a little shaving off the UNnecessaries but you can do it. The fact that your chopping it up with me on this page tells me that you are up to something. Something super and really good for yourself in the context of information gathering and perhaps changing some things around after some nuggets of considerations are applied from here.

As for tommorow; we are not to worry about tomorrow(Matthew 6:34)as we already know that God has that covered but the lesson in the here and now is where HE has you.

Get busy or UNBUSY; do schedule in social media time if nothing else. You don’t want to end up like the coffee crackheads right? and instead being a computer crackhead..you are way to handsome and/or cute to go out like that. Besides you are above average so you should not flow like the “they say” of the world; so let’s get it together and soon and very soon your FUN in the SUN is yet to shine.

Tasha Jones,MSW,ACSW
Your Online Bestie on ALL things relevant to living in PEACE not PIECES!!!!
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