Up Up high and away 34k feet high running from space of pain and endless responsibilities. Everyone seem to panic but yet I feel free.
and so delighted to take the shackles off my feet, legs and brain. I mean im loving my jogging pants and boots and oversized t-shirt; definetely one reason why I love Whoopi Goldberg..she so get it and i dont tbink its at all a age thing but a freedom thing.

The freedom to show up in ways that I want, when I want, how I want and with whom I want. Oh yeah and the very time I want. When most are asleep this brain of mines goes to work with creative juices flowing with roapmaps on how to get out this traditional trap of living.

Im fearless not giving a dam who think I should stay or go or sit around and pray things get better but slowly dying on the inside myself. Im like a new born baby learning how to thrive in my first milestones..my first tooth to eat that which my heart desire. My first step..to leap out without holding on to safety rails knowing that if I fall the natural thing to do is to get back up..before im tainted by adults that later teaches us staying that on the ground is an option. Funny how we learn such toxic ways to deal or not deal, but its a hella of a job trying to unlearn ugly patterns that we accepted so long ago.

Up up and away as high as this plane take me up up yonder…I plan to leave my troubles and worries here smothered underneath these powedered white clouds.


How Bout Chew: Think about that which need to be buried and never to return. Are you prepared to start digging?