I’m in a airplane headed to Seattle a unfamiliar territory but delighted to greet new experiences.

As I look around I’m distracted by our robotic nation in that many many are chimed in on cell phones, lap tops and/or headphones that appear to shut them off from the rest of the world. I mean I cant even exercise my polite mannerism of saying “excuse me” because the intended receiving party cant even hear me. Even little people are groomed early as they remain occupied with their colorful tablets.

There’s no space for me and my good ol fashioned “Aries” talkabilities and casual convos LOL how tragic..urghh

So what do i do…hmm I zone into my writing at least my paper can hear me but it’s no fun cause she doesnt talk back!🤓

How Bout Chew: In what ways do you strike a balance between techno world demands and good ol fashion connecting with folks live? Has your family evolved to techno living?