• Great Convos Happens at Starbucks
  • All Humanity Hurt on Similar Levels
  • Healing is Universal
  • Your Past calls you Victim/God calls You Victorious.
  • Forgive Your Momma
  • Holding on to Love thru Animals!
  • Walking Away from 30 years (of Madness).
  • When a Woman is Fed UpIt no surprise that life allow for me to have divine experiences in meeting some pretty amazing people. Some so resilient but they don’t even know it yet; while some I met are married big time to their brokenness. One night as I was sighting out on the patio at Starbucks; typing away and later diving into a great book. I was drawn to a somewhat oversized lady who was pushing a walker and a huge bag loaded with, what appeared to be clothing. Some would have assumed she was homeless by her funky looking appearance.  She ended up having several convos on her cell as I tried to keeping reading my book.After a while I was distracted by some chirping birds that I noticed was caged on the hood of a unattended car. The lady, who had completed her calls; then told me the birds belonged to her and that the car was also hers. From there we began chatting as I had asked her what was wrong with her limbed leg as I had noted early she appeared to be limping.  She shared how she was born with a disability that was believed to be a result of her father who beat her mother often while her mom was pregnant with her. She added that her father was violent to her mom and siblings all of their lives. Her mom dies 12 years ago and on this day she was sitting grieving the loss of her mother. She said he had taken care of her mom on her death bed and at this low time in her life she missed her terribly. Inquiring about her support system or not; she admitted that her two sons lived on the east coast and are pretty much estranged due to the perceived awful childhood they had. She admitted to wanting to be a better mom to them but was not sure how to go about doing it since her sons are now adults.

    As for her spouse; his name is Robert ( like my husband) and they have been married for 30 years. She smiled and cried at the same time when stating how long they had been together. In part, for feeling as though she was stupid for being with such a “dope head” for so long and the other side of her feeling wanted to some degree by someone since her boys, she felt didn’t.  She and Robert have split up about 3 months ago and she went on to explain she left without looking back; packing in her distressed car; a few bags of clothing and her caged birds with whom she adores; you can just tell they are her best buds.

    I am more and more moved by her strength as this real life story beats the book I was reading for sure. The bird lady said she had to leave Robert and when asked why? she said;  “well he take a lot of pills and alcohol and he drives while drinking and will kill hisself or someone else soon.”  I’m like you have been with him for 30 years so is this new behavior for him or what? She goes ” oh no, I have left him time and time again in the past but this time I am done.”  So you no the social worker in me; ask more just out of curiosity….” so what was different about this time?” The bird lady then disclosed that this time she was so scared for her life as Robert had taken quite a few Norcos and alcohol and ended up busting a bottle across his own head numerous times and then threatened to do the same for her. She said ” I believed him.” So she called the cops; Robert fled and the bird lady said after talking with cops she also packed and set out for freedom and has not looked back.  HIGH FIVES WENT UP HIGH!!! She smiled and welcomed my cheerleading her decision. This calls for a Coffee Celebratory moment; so of course I offered to buy her coffee and/or pastries but we both laughed after admitting we really don’t drink coffee; we just come to Starbucks merely to hang out and relax. LOL


    We could not end without me giving big hugs and my commitment to pulling community resources together to help her furnish her new apartment that she is anticipating after her social security check is directed to her temporary home. She’s living with a friend in Clovis for now but admitted that most nights she sleeps in her car with her birds to minimize conflict she’s experiencing by her friend’s boyfriend.

    I respect a woman who appears to have gone thru her share of life adversities and even with no income still remains committed to her birds and the expenses that comes along with them.

    With her permission I was allowed to pray with her and in doing so the bird lady true name was revealed as Michelle. Michelle was reminded of her strengths and steps to try in engaging her adults sons; first being to stay connected to God and then apologize to her sons. She agreed and packed up her birds and left with a huge smile. I left feeling so good about yet another Starbucks Spiritual Connection 🙂

    How About You: Do you go by a name of your past or do you call yourself the name of that which our heavenly Father calls You? Are you mature enough to apologize when you have wronged someone? How about being in  the present moments of life to encourage someone that may look, smell, or appear different from you? Do you whether the storms of life , hanging on to your birds when financially it does not seem that you can OR do you through in the towel; not believing you will come out victorious to care for your basic needs and your birdies of life?


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