Today was interesting to say the least. I was humbled by a guy during our treatment group. Each week these guys come together to share any weekly barriers to discharging from one of

California most unjust Justice penal systems. Some guys had pages filed with entries, complaint after complaints. The one guy next to me slumped in his seat wearing a beany cap smiled often and engaged little. After a few moments I prompted him to share his weekly barriers. With much hesitation he began sharing how blood in his urine revealed to his doctor that his lung cancer has now spread to his kidneys. He talked about how the shackling on the prison vans to the chemo specialist brings him much anxiety so at one point he declined chemo.

By this time other guys in the room mouth dropped open in utter shock. They began to share how they could not believe this news considering how upbeat and helpful he remains to be. One guy asked him why does he even bother coming to treatment group with this type of diagnosis.

At this point he sat up proudly and declared, ” I have no time to sit down and cry, I will fight this, I will beat this cancer,it will not beat me. I come to group cuz I wanna get better to learn about why I committed the crimes I did.”

How About You: In the face of horrible news or life set backs do you find yourself giving up or fighting the good fight of Faith?