I graduated but nobody showed up. I mean I looked out in the crowded arena and saw no familiar faces. How lonely it feels to fill all alone and crying on the inside to be acknowledged for that in which you are and not for that in which you DO DO DO. How grossly exhausting but exhaust seems to be a way of living. Ive grown to expect nothing more but despair and disappointments..What trajedy to live a life so limiting based on the lack of response sought out by some that are incapable to give in such a way.

I graduated but nobody showed up!

As I peeked back thru a mirror to adjust my cap and gown garments; the image in the mirror waved back so profoundly. She smiled so big and bright while whispering gentle reminders of that in which I graduated from. She said girlfriend you graduated from a toxic relationship full of jealousy that you tried fixing on your own for years and when you couldn’t fix it with your prideful self…you graduated from alcohol and drug abuse..Abuse of negative thinking and the chronic disease to please..You graduated from the mere facts of awareness of not being able to heal your family through love. Oh boyee and the big graduation..switch the tassel on this one; you graduated from the sinful unbeliever full of anger to a changed heart through Christ Jesus. Yeah and I no it gets lonely cause you dont have a single immediate family member that you can call,in excitement, to go to church with but a endless list you can call for a party “turn up.”

As tears flows down my face; I’m in awe of how this mirror mirror on the wall knows all my “inner scoop” I mean I thought I hid it very well through my persona and facial decor that is smeared across my face.

I fell to my knees in deep agony trying to talk myself out of walking out on stage. I mean I graduated and no one bothered to show up.

At last the chocolate girl imagery profoundly said, ” oh tons of people showed up, the many layers of your brokenness unresolved showed up by the dozens. You looked out abroad for other people but internally you carried them in with you.” You see we had to cast down and break off those heavy chains cause they called off your old names numerous times but that was during the time I had you on your knees..back stage..you no that mirror encounter? Once you arised as a new person is when you heard the loud sound of your name being announced and YOU darling YOU showed up to your own graduation hooded with grace, mercy and freedom. I no longer had a need to look abroad because I was in awe of all the internal greatness that showed up for my graduation.

What a lovely ceremony! Everytime I relive the moment I smile so bright deep within my heart I now no as long as I show up fully present and balanced….it’s all so very very good!!!

How Bout’ Chew?- What expectation of others do you need to let go of TODAY?
Are you living the true you or hiding behind a mask of unresolved brokenness?

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