Many don’t understand how u can work in such stressful work conditions with so much pain but they fail to realize this life is so familiar. It looks so much like your home so when it’s time to clock out you take the longest route home to mentally prepare for unexpected chaos that awaits you.

I know how it is when you prefer to work overtime than to go to that dreadful household full of competing conflict and excuses.

So the honking car behind you flips you off honking his horn loud at you accusing you of driving too dam slow but what they don’t realize you intentionally took the longest ride home…No real hurry to catch that green light or beat that train. In fact the slower the traffic the better you feel.

Oh I no miss stressed out social worker how the world esteem you as a authoritative professional with so much power but yet you drown in your own powerlessness day to day. The appeal of feel good pills, alcohol or maybe a puff on a joint sounds enticing but you can’t seem to even afford that in between bills, Sallie Mae harassing you for her student loan monies and oh yea job salary cuts and increased job duties.

You are beyond exhausted and your body parts keep giving you signs that you ignore because after all you feel trapped inside a cycle of the need to pay debt monsters at the compromise of your need for sanity!

So my care bears how many more miles is your trip and crazy journey on your longest drive? What will is take to pull over on that drive and park the madness and for once serve your needs?

How About You: Do you find yourself in a vicious cycle of stress and chaos to the point you take the longest drive home to avoid yet more conflict at your door step? What will it take to clear house, mentally and physically?