A night before the boogie man night of Halloween where thousands flock to the door of strangers essentially begging for sweet treats. The more creative my costume, make up and mask the larger portion of goodies that is tossed inside my already stuffed bucket of sugar filled, cavity awaiting container.

Wow what a parallel I see many struggling in the workplace. Is that you who aspire to be bigger, better and perhaps rewarded with goodies in your workspace? The more you do the more work is assigned to you with no raise in pay? Even moreso the more you mask up and suppress your true feelings of frustration the more you are praised for being a “model employee.”  Besides you don’t talk back, speak up, speak down nor speak up. Instead you leave the rewards at the hands of a complete stranger to validate you based on your ongoing willingness to perform in what seems to be a political circus.

At the cost of your own sanity you partake in the madness far longer than needed. In fact, you no longer  even fit into the costume you assigned to yourself. The buttons have popped at it’s seams but you keep squeezing your greatness inside the limited walls and spooky lenses of another. You are so consumed and drowning in the drought of dreams and hopefulness that you fail to realize that you own the bag to the endless supply of life’s treats. Oh I see; you come from a generational family line of Fear and Tricks that you struggle to QUIT the very pathologies that keeps you bound.

What would it take for you to take the bold step towards freedom; creating your own goody bag and deserving treats. Taking back fully your power of self-worthiness that surpasses that of your superiors. To color outside the lines and define you BOO as divinely crafted. Are you ready? I mean like the late great, Aretha Franklin  ‘Rock Steady’ ready?

Stand in your boldness and declare to the oppressor, “ trick or treat, smell my feet, I will give myself something good to eat.” Yeah that part!

Get the Spook Outta Here,

Tasha Jones, MSW, ASW