Okay by now you have figured out what the heck this girl up to…great I know..I am so glad you asked. Let’s start first with what the heck is a TIME OUT!. So for me it is a time to escape to a unfamiliar space lugging the tools you desire to get away from the primary duties you have somehow collected in the heaviest back pack of life (parenting and wifey and this and that and topped off with social worker and a career and so on). Then one day the straps to the back pack breaks…BOOM …hit the ground crashing. But wait when the natural thing to do is bend over to pick it up only to find out you have no strength to reach over to grab it. For me then replaying the tragic scenarios of death after death until the point I became too tired to pray yet another prayer.

Looking my doctor in her eyes as the windshield wipers to my tears swished back and forth..she touched my shoulder and knodded in agreement to my freedom of the formal time clocking it for how ever much time needed. For now I’m doing 30 days and boyeee if I told you how much better I a feeling.. Look I would not even be here blogging had it not been for the release.

Now check this out as I creep off to Seattle and now Arizona, I begin to get sooooo much downloads from God to the point I tossed and turned many times with the vision he has dropped little by little. I began to think how caged I am to need to have permission to be off via a doctors note at a time in my life where the dental copays are sky high to the point I need to do one root canal at a time. Staring my college degrees in their face and holding on to this aching tooth..I say to myself what the heck am I doing putting myself in yet another box to have a time limit placed on me on how long I can be off and how long or short my lunch breaks can be yet cannot pay these here dental bills.

So as healing would keep visiting me; the stronger I am becoming to define myself through the rebirth that is taking place. The cool thing the work is still divinely linked to the work I love to do which is simply seeing folks BOUNCE BACK after LIFE’s SET BACKS.

Cheers to the journey and the clarity and the rinsing for that which was broken and that which needed an upgrade; a free tune up. This TIME-OUT has allowed me to look back over my life and in doing so I realized that which was meant for bad God turned it around for my good.

It is no accident that my recent loss in addition to back to back loss to premature deaths that I am now clear that I will be specializing later in Grief and Loss once I am done with my certification. In addition to covering LOSS and GRIEF; God showed me that folks have lost their way in sooooo many many ways and he has poured in me the tools to simply lay out for world healing if folks truly want to pull things together.

On these trips I have shared that people all over seem to be trying to find their NEMO and I have had the distinct pleasure to simply point to their chest area in reference to where their heart lies as I greeted many off on their various flights abroad. I only hope as they go high up yonder, disappearing into the deep clouds that they loose their worries up there and touch down as a resolved man or woman.

I sense soon this will be a fulltime life assignment and I am in preparation because he already showed me at this level my teeth shall ache no more….

How Bout’ Chew: Consider in what way(s) have you felt or feel rejected but looking back discovered that it was for your good. Consider the last time you even slowed down to even look back over your life? If you have not; take a peek and amaze yourself.


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“Real Issues, Real Convos, Real Solution with Real down to Earth Peeps”

Now that is what I call a COMBO meal …delicious (in my grandbabies voice) LOL