Oh what a fab Growth Shop full of Hope. One after another walked in ready to unpack spooky stressors and kick compassion fatigue to the curb. I mean you can relate, right? Hard working week, greeted by weekend jammed packed with things to do do do! Leaving little time for you to simply BE BE BE! Where did this type a living all begin? I often wonder myself. Once you give yourself permission  to UNPLUG and to do so you must take a life Time OUT as to be fully present with yourself. No not with your noisy phones, iTunes, imovies, iPad or iPod but IYou…a BIG you.

A you that can commune with yourself to assess things and situations that need to be chopped out of your life. It gets pretty darn hot living behind a mask of lies you haul around thinking no one can see. Your body gets exhausted because you tend to move along withOUT ITS permission. Yea those body Aches you’ve been complaining about..thats your body whispering “help, help.” How much longer will you ignore it?

How About today bury the spooky stressors, reassign life expectations with the winner in you as a priority. What are you afraid of if you cut off negative people or ugly thoughts you believe about yourself?

Fear not Talk2Tasha vow to take that journey with you for added reassurance. I stand here holding the trash can awaiting your walk to toss the mask inside…Together we will wave forever good byes as the garbage man hauls it’s far away!

How About You: Can you think of a few things you know you need to CHOP OFF this last quarter of 2017? If so jot them down and attach a action plan to slice them off. Your freedom relies on your obedience.