Wisdom Wednesday was inspired with you winning CARE BEARS (social workers, mommas, daddies, teachers, nurses, counselors, etc) in mind that grind all day and night and could use a little time out at lunch or breaks to digest some nuggets of wisdom to keep you balanced in your various professional roles of servanthood. You can sit in a quiet space and read; something many of us has gotten too busy for. So the idea is to keep these blogs, short, sweet and (at times) sour if needed cause we keep it real over here and lastly relevant.

Today I am winding down from my TRAVEL-TIME OUT as many of you have traveled online with me and experienced my journey which bye the way was a total and I mean total rebirth. Darn it feels so good. I tell people all the time now that man oh man everyone should go there..I mean really there to a space of TIME OUT much deeper than a quick massage and pedicure or a cruise filled with noisy yacking humans LOL but truly a UNPLUG from the primary demands that you somehow piled on yourself by the world’s expectations that we some times fall prey to.

While on this journey I have talked often about the “UNPACKING” and “UNYACKING”( oh quick disclaimer talk2tasha makes up her own lingo along the way) LOL. But don’t miss the point; moving along… so yeah so the unpacking thing was about unloading the heavy back pack of life that weighs us down. Added on with the hot heated climate which represent in this context the steamy heated life issues you may face; you continue to push through with this heavy back pack and BOOM your blood pressure checks out on you, right? okay or maybe other physical ailments.  In my Dr. Phil’s voice: how is that working for you?   GO AHEAD I’LL WAIT!

So weeks into the time out boyee I unpiled layers upon layers of baggage. I am talking about some ugly, fuddy, duddy truths I had no idea I was packing. BUT see I made no time for the quiet pockets of life to listen.  Instead I had set up a generational pattern of only being in tune with chaos that I could hear only if it was loud as a tooting train. So for me identifying small whispers acted as a foreign language to me. Oh baby when I tell you life directions and next moves comes in small whispers and once I unconsciously got in “thee space” here goes the overflow of what I am to be doing on a very much intentional spiritual basis. YEAH liberating I know. Can’t you feel my soul light up on this part.. I’m certain you can smell my taste of FREEDOM,,, that is what thee overflow does yawl.

So to bring it back full circle here I have unpacked all the things no longer serving me well in my life and now as I head back with an incredible since of purpose; guess what? Time to now pack…urghh u guys no how that Is right? Stuff scattered abroad in the hotel  or at ur fams  place; your bound to leave something behind that the relly* (aka as relative) will never make time to ship off to you, right? LOL So I asked myself why oh why was the packing up so dreadful; a procrastinators hit list, a daunting task?

Oh I get it!!!! cause I am packing up that which is ONLY REQUIED and this is unfamiliar to the new me. See the old ME was accustomed to carrying the heavy weights; loaded back packs rain or shine. But when my new life compass instructs to pack up and yep you need to leave things behind; it’s on purpose by divine design….. SEE that what I packed to come on the trip is not necessarily going to make it BACK with me because it’s no longer needed. Some of us complain about the things we leave behind, blowing up your rellys phone to ship that back which you left behind, missing the point that it was left for your divine GROWTH..

How Bout’ Chew: Consider the baggage you may be holding onto in your life. Check how carrying this baggage is showing up in your medical world of things. Did you get permission from your body to carry the baggage of the next person? Go ahead and jot these things down and have sweet fellowship with yourself; go under water and when you come back up; surely your new baggage will have new goodies in it that maybe unfamiliar but know that it is Necessary for the divine trip you are headed on…..


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