Claim it in 2018!
join me for the live your life growth series!

saturday, january 6, 2018

saturday, january 20, 2018

saturday, february 10, 2018

Workshop materials and a yummy lunch included!

this workshop will cover:

How to love yourself

How to face your past head on and let it go

Taking the hard look at who you are and deciding if this is who you want to be

Discovering what you want to gain by doing the things you are doing

Redifining yourself by finding your positives

Deciding what you deserve

the challenge –

live your life with purpose for the next month.

As a result of changing your thoughts, you will:

Gain more freedom

Become more positive

Have improved relationships

Gain confidence and improved self-esteem

Recognize opportunities when they present themselves

and ultimately grab hold of them to begin creating your dream life!

meet tasha, msw

My goal is to help Social Workers build a more rewarding and successful life.

Breakthroughs are made through a “Bestie” coaching experience that promotes positive wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance.